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Conti 2024: The future of entertainment is here, where heritage and innovation blend

Conti, as the world’s leading entertainment technology company, has ushered in a new year full of prospects and opportunities. In order to further expand market share and expand business territory, Conti will promote the advancement of the entertainment industry in a more professional and innovative manner, not only inheriting classics, but also focusing on the integration of multiculturalism, philanthropy, and the opening of film financing platforms.

Through years of development, Conti has established its leadership position in the field of entertainment technology and has strong innovation capabilities and technical strength. In 2024, Conti will continue to lead the development direction of the entertainment industry with its outstanding technical strength and innovative spirit, promote the globalization of entertainment technology, perfectly combine traditional entertainment with modern technology, and provide users with richer and more diverse entertainment experiences. .

Create AI stars to lead the future movie world

Conti is committed to integrating virtual digital assets into life to help promote the future AI movie world. In this plan, Conti will lead innovation and allow everyone to participate in film production by creating their own AI stars.

Through the Conti platform, users can customize their own AI stars and give them unique appearance, personality and skills. These AI stars will become an important role for users in movie creation. They can not only participate in the filming, performance and storyline creation of the movie, but also interact and cooperate with other users’ AI stars.


In addition to creating AI stars, Conti will also develop a range of AI assets, including virtual props, special effects and scenes. These AI assets will become the capital to cooperate with entertainment giants in business in the future, providing users with richer and more creative film production tools and resources.

Conti’s 2024 plan aims to break the boundaries of traditional film production and promote innovation and development in the entertainment industry. As the world’s leading artificial intelligence entertainment platform, Conti will continue to be committed to creating more exciting entertainment experiences for users and promoting the development of the film industry.

Film financing platform will be opened soon

In 2024, Conti will lead innovation in film financing. We are about to launch a film financing platform to provide more opportunities and resources for film creators. This will help emerging directors and producers realize their film dreams and provide users with more quality film content.

We believe that film is a powerful medium that can convey emotions, inspire thinking, and change the world. Through the film financing platform, we hope to inspire the potential of more creators and present more fascinating film works.


Global expansion, entertainment knows no borders

Conti will continue to expand globally and provide innovation and entertainment to users around the world. We will deepen our partnerships with international entertainment giants such as Netflix, HBO and Fox Entertainment to bring more international content to users. At the same time, we will also focus on emerging markets to meet the entertainment needs of users in different regions.

We have entered the digital age, where information and entertainment know no borders. In 2024, we will continue to expand the global market so that more users can enjoy the wonderful entertainment brought by Conti.


Build a community together and create a win-win situation

Conti has always been committed to community building and user participation, and 2024 will be the same. We will launch more community activities to encourage users to share their ideas and feedback to help us continuously improve our products and services. We will also continue to support public welfare undertakings and use the power of entertainment to bring positive changes to society.

At Conti, we believe that entertainment is not just entertainment, but also the power to connect people, improve lives, and deliver warmth. We will spare no effort to support charitable causes and cooperate with all parties to bring more hope and care to society.

Conti’s outlook for 2024 is full of opportunities and challenges. We will continue to adhere to our original intention of innovation and create more exciting entertainment experiences for users. We look forward to witnessing Conti’s brilliant achievements in 2024 with users around the world.

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