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Leader of the new era in AIF film and television

United States, 1st Jan 2024, King NewsWire – Embrace the unknown, innovate in advance

In the wave of technology, artificial intelligence is quietly changing our way of life. AIF (Artificial Intelligence illimited Film) is bravely leading the way in the film and television industry, becoming a new force in the industry. With an innovative concept, AIF is not only an innovative streaming media traffic company, but also a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence in the film and television industry.

Unique features of AIF

AIF is known for its unique user experience. By incorporating artificial intelligence systems, we have redefined the possibilities of user perception, advertising delivery, and data integration. On the AIF platform, movies are no longer just for watching, but an immersive experience that allows users to feel unparalleled enjoyment.

We are proud to announce that AIF has become a trusted platform, bringing together thousands of movie enthusiasts who go beyond geographical and cultural boundaries to pursue the beauty of movies. Our platform receives over ten thousand natural displays every day, providing filmmakers with broad opportunities to showcase their work globally.


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The AIF platform provides users with various ways to earn profits, such as member level, team tasks, and brand cooperation. As users’ levels increase and their teams grow, they will enjoy richer rewards.

  1. Member level commission mechanism:

First-level friend registration and recharge can receive a commission of 10%; second-level friend registration and recharge can enjoy a commission of 5%. At the same time, each member is eligible to receive a fixed 3-level commission for team tasks. For example:

If A is a VIP4 member, B is a VIP3 member, C is a VIP2 member, and D is a VIP1 member, and B, C, and D all receive full task income on that day, then A’s income can be calculated as follows: B (20USDT*6%) + C (8USDT*4%) + D (2USDT*2%) = 1.56USDT. Therefore, the higher the AIF member level and the more friends invited, the more generous the rewards.

2、Traffic Optimization and Team Assistance:

Users have limited traffic, so promoting the AIF platform through watching movies and giving likes can bring value-added data. Team cooperation will help users earn more profits, as the more friends they have, the more abundant their earnings will be.

3、Membership Card and Task Rewards:

After receiving a free membership or purchasing a membership card, completing personal tasks can earn different levels of membership rewards. Each level of membership card can also receive a 3x return, increasing the overall earnings for users.

4、Revenue Sources and Dividend Mechanism:

AIF’s revenue mainly comes from promotional fees from brand partners and box office revenues. Movie companies and theaters share 60% of the box office revenue, with 40% allocated for dividends. AIF, as a contributor to promotion, receives a portion of this dividend, for example, 5%. The platform then shares a portion of the earnings with users, enhancing their motivation to participate.

5、Brand Cooperation and Promotion Channels:

AIF has established close relationships with various brand partners, providing them with powerful promotion channels. This not only provides brands with a broad market but also increases the click-through rate and visibility of the AIF platform.

As AIF gains a massive user data traffic, it will further negotiate collaborations with more movie companies or advertisers. This is expected to bring more revenue opportunities and diverse cooperative projects, supporting the continuous growth of AIF.





The Power Behind the Company:

AIF was officially established in March 2023 in Colorado, USA, and we are driven by strong passion and determination to revolutionize the film and television industry. We have official certification, are regulated by the US government, and have signed cooperation agreements with major streaming platforms, film production companies, and offline cinemas. All of this is to ensure that we meet the highest standards of compliance and sustainability.

Financial Stability and Promising Future:

AIF’s economic, financial, and tax affairs are managed by the US Department of the Treasury, with a budget revenue growth rate of 11.8%. This not only proves our financial stability but also marks our constant progress and expansion.

To help you better understand our financial situation, we provide selected tax filing information so that you can have a clearer understanding of AIF’s financial status.






AIF is not just a company, but also a team that is pioneering the future. We envision the possibilities of the unknown and constantly challenge ourselves with innovative thinking. At AIF, we believe that through the guidance of artificial intelligence, the film and television industry will usher in a more brilliant new era!

Join AIF and together let’s create the future and witness a new chapter in the film and television industry!

Don’t miss out, follow AIF and explore the new world of film and television!


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