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Horizon Wealth: Deeply Penetrating the Web3 Track

Virgin Islands (British), 5th Sep 2023, King NewsWireAs we pass the halfway point of 2022, the investment landscape is exceptionally tight, with no significant trends taking off. The consumer market is subdued, TMT investors are shifting their focus, hard tech presents high entry barriers, and the biopharmaceutical sector is being schooled by the secondary market. Throughout the first half of the year, both fundraising and investments have grown relatively slowly, with some industries even cooling to freezing levels.

The only bright spot amidst this is: Web3.

At present, the dividend period of the mobile internet Web2 is drawing to a close, and Web3, as the next-generation internet, has taken center stage in history. Compared to the current internet, Web3 is a high-dimensional digital world built on blockchain technology, characterized by user and open-source developer collaboration, privacy protection, and ecosystem building.

Web3 applications span a wide range and are leading a new round of technological revolution. Giants like Amazon, Google, Tencent, A16z, Meta, and numerous venture capital firms are now positioning themselves in Web3 to capture more market opportunities and enhance competitiveness.

Industry statistics reveal that over half of the startups seeking funding in the market are closely related to blockchain technology application and research. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, investments in this field reached nearly tens of billions of dollars, more than twice the level of the same period last year. This indicates that the Web3 industry has become one of the hottest investment sectors.

We (Horizon Wealth) predict that the next 10-20 years will be the golden era of Web3 development. As investors and entrepreneurs, it is crucial to deeply understand the various possibilities emerging within this window of opportunity to grasp the broader trends of the future Web3 era with confidence.

Therefore, within our company, we have established a dedicated Web3 investment laboratory. On one hand, we are intensifying our focus and investment efforts on blockchain technology companies and startup projects. On the other hand, the laboratory serves as a platform for nurturing talents and technological development within the company, contributing to sustained growth and development.

Currently, the laboratory’s investments in the blockchain technology field are primarily concentrated in two major areas: blockchain infrastructure development and blockchain applications.

Blockchain Infrastructure Development: With the advancement of blockchain technology, diverse infrastructure needs to be built to support its applications. We are closely following relevant companies in the blockchain industry platforms, development tools, security solutions, and seeking potential projects for investment in this field.

Blockchain Application Area: Blockchain technology can be widely applied in fields like currency, digital finance, supply chain management, healthcare, insurance, education, copyright protection, and many others. We continue to monitor and research technological advancements and latest trends in these areas, seeking innovative and commercially viable blockchain application projects for investment.

Without a doubt, the influence of blockchain technology on our daily lives is growing. Web3 will truly be a value-driven internet for users, granting them genuine data autonomy.

Although the full realization of the Web3 era still has a long way to go, wealth opportunities never come from waiting. Any stagnation may lead to being left behind by the times. Embracing change and pursuing technology is the attitude we should adopt. Leveraging the achievements of blockchain technology development, we (Horizon Wealth) continuously study and formulate application solutions that suit our own business needs. We keep pace with the market updates, including solutions like financial digitization, asset tokenization, and DAO organization management. We will always adhere to the application of technology based on actual facts, strategically layout by combining Horizon’s actual needs to gain more market opportunities and enhance competitiveness, thereby achieving sustainable development for the company.

Throughout this process, Horizon Wealth maintains a keen market sense, closely following industry trends, persistently innovating and optimizing, ensuring success in the Web3 domain, and becoming a pioneer in the future blockchain financial innovation!

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