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The Dark Reality: False Dowry Cases as Tools of Blackmail and Extortion

India, 17th May 2023, King NewsWireThe institution of marriage is ideally a sacred bond that unites two individuals and their families. However, in certain societies, the practice of dowry has sadly become a source of contention and manipulation. In recent years, there has been a disturbing trend of false dowry cases being filed against husbands and their families, often with the intention of blackmailing and extorting wealth. This deplorable misuse of the dowry system not only undermines the genuine struggle against dowry-related issues but also wreaks havoc on innocent lives. In this article, we delve into the depths of this issue, shedding light on the grave consequences of such false accusations and the urgent need for reform.

The Dowry System: A Brief Overview

The dowry system, deeply rooted in cultural traditions, involves the transfer of gifts, property, or money from the bride’s family to the groom’s family upon marriage. While this custom has evolved differently across various regions, it has unfortunately taken a dark turn in some cases, leading to exploitation and abuse.

False Dowry Cases: An Unsettling Trend

False dowry cases occur when a wife or her family accuses the husband and his relatives of demanding additional dowry or subjecting her to harassment. These accusations can range from verbal and physical abuse to allegations of dowry-related deaths. While it is crucial to acknowledge the existence of genuine cases, the increasing number of false accusations is a cause for serious concern.

Motives Behind False Dowry Cases

Several motives contribute to the rising prevalence of false dowry cases. One of the primary reasons is financial gain, as false accusers often aim to extort money from the husband and his family. By filing such cases, they exploit legal provisions and societal biases to manipulate the system for personal benefit.

Blackmail and Vengeance

Another motive behind false dowry cases is blackmail and revenge. In some instances, a disgruntled wife or her family may resort to false accusations as a means of exerting control over the husband or his family. This could be prompted by marital discord, personal vendettas, or disagreements over other issues unrelated to dowry.

Social Stigma and Legal Biases

The existence of deep-rooted biases and social stigmas surrounding dowry cases further complicates matters. The presumption of guilt often falls on the accused, leading to a challenging battle for the innocent parties involved. The societal prejudice and legal hurdles faced by the accused can have devastating consequences on their personal and professional lives.

The Impact on Innocent Lives

False dowry cases have far-reaching repercussions for innocent individuals and families. The accused face tarnished reputations, social ostracism, and immense emotional trauma. They may also suffer financial losses due to legal battles, which can drain their resources and disrupt their livelihoods. Additionally, the children of the accused often bear the brunt of these false accusations, experiencing significant psychological distress and an uncertain future.

The Urgent Need for Reform

Addressing the issue of false dowry cases requires a multifaceted approach that involves legal, societal, and educational reforms. Here are some key steps that can be taken to combat this problem effectively:

  1. Strengthen Legal Procedures: Implement stringent measures to prevent the misuse of dowry-related laws. This can include thorough investigations, mandatory mediation, and penalties for those found guilty of filing false cases.

  2. Awareness Campaigns: Conduct comprehensive awareness programs to educate people about the detrimental effects of false dowry cases. Such campaigns should focus on fostering empathy, promoting gender equality, and dispelling harmful stereotypes.

  3. Support Systems: Establish support systems for the accused, providing legal aid, counseling, and rehabilitation services to help them navigate the emotional and financial aftermath of false accusations.

  4. Gender Sensitization: Integrate gender sensitization programs into educational curricula and workplaces, aiming to promote respect, equality, and healthy relationships.

In a recent case it has been said that the granddaughter of the Ex-Prime minister of India has accused her husband and in-laws in a dowry case.Adrija Manjari Singh is the granddaughter of Late V. P. Singh who served as the Prime mister of India. She has accused her husband of demanding dowry in 2023. They got married in 2017 and what is strange is that these accusations have been made years after. On speaking to friends and family members of both sides it has come to light that the Marriage of Adrija and her husband Arkesh Singh Deo who also hails from a political family of Orissa had only recently started going sour after the arrival of her sister. Arkesh’s friends have confirmed that Adrija’s sister moved into the house of her sister and brother in-law and that’s when the marriage started to get effected. Apparently Richa would instigate her sister to ask her husband to get his inheritance from his parent and even ask Adrija to get pregnant fast in order to seek more financial gains from her in-laws.

On doing further investigation on the girl’s side of the family many new things have come to light. The two girls are digging up old skeletons and are known to be serial litigants. They have lodged numerous cases on people to whom their grand-parents and great grand parents have sold various properties to. Their faither Ajay Singh who on Wikipedia is said to be a pretender to the throne of the royal family of Manda is also facing financial losses as he has done illegal construction of properties in Allahbad now Prayagraj. The two girls are fighting cases in Dehradun, Mussoorie and Nainital with people who have rightfully purchased lands from the grandfather and great grandfathers decades ago. Knowing well that cases in India take time they have finally decided to blackmail Adrija’s in-laws and it is said that they have demanded for over a hundred crore worth of assets from the Singh Deo family. They have taken possession of the home in Dehradun and do not permit the in-laws to set foot in the house. The husband Arkesh says that ever since his sister in-law set foot in the house his relationship with his wife has gone downhill. He also added that if she visited from time to time it was understandable but to live in his home for 6 months to a year is not right. Both the girls consume alcohol and get abusive with him and say nasty things about his family.


The rise in false dowry cases is a grave concern that threatens the integrity of the dowry system and adversely affects innocent lives. It is crucial to distinguish between genuine cases of dowry harassment and false accusations that are driven by greed, revenge, or manipulation. By implementing legal reforms, raising awareness, and fostering gender equality, society can work towards eradicating this deplorable practice and protecting the rights and dignity of all individuals involved. Only then can we hope for a fair and just society, free from the clutches of false dowry cases.


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