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Max Kaloshi – The Young Rubik’s Cube Genius from Canada with Remarkable Achievements in Competitions

Bucharest, Romania, 5th Apr 2023 – Max Kaloshi, a 13-year-old teenager, has made a name for himself in the Rubik’s Cube competitions in Canada with his remarkable achievements and has become known as a Rubik’s Cube genius. Although he is still a teenager, Max has managed to achieve impressive performances, with a personal record of 5.93 seconds at home for the 3×3 cube and 8.72 seconds in competitions.

Max started playing with Rubik’s cubes at school and found this hobby very interesting, so he decided to learn how to solve the cubes himself. At first, it was quite difficult for him to solve a cube, but with a lot of practice and patience, he managed to improve his technique. Max spent approximately 2-3 hours every day practicing the cubes, since he was 7 years old.

Although he has many passions, such as kickboxing and taekwondo, cubes are his main hobby and Max has focused on becoming the best cuber possible. In addition, Max has noticed that practicing cubes has improved his hand dexterity and has become more skillful in other activities.

However, Max does not stop here and aims to improve his performances and reach a high level in Rubik’s Cube competitions. Max wants to become a national record holder for pyraminx and innovate by creating a new Rubik’s cube that is easy and fast to solve.

Max Kaloshi lives in Canada and has managed to stand out at a national and international level through his passion for Rubik’s cubes. Despite his young age, Max has demonstrated that, with a lot of patience, determination, and practice, remarkable achievements can be reached in any field of activity.

Currently, Max Kaloshi is registered with the World Cube Association (WCA) and has a WCA ID of 2022KALO01. He has participated in 10 competitions and solved 241 Rubik’s cubes. Additionally, Max has won one gold and one bronze medal at various Rubik’s Cube competitions.

Max’s impressive performances are not limited to the classic 3×3 cubes but also include other types of cubes such as pyraminx, 2×2, and 4×4. At the competitions he participated in, Max managed to advance to the second round and even to the final in some of them.

Although he is still very young, Max Kaloshi is an inspiration to many young people who want to perfect themselves in a certain field. Through his passion and perseverance, Max has managed to become one of the best cubers in Canada and a worthy example to follow for other young people.


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