With Pixel phones misreading some QR codes, Google Camera, Lens refreshes fix issues

Over the course of the end of the week, Google repaired issues with its QR code-perusing abilities in the Google Camera and Google Lens applications where URLs were misread for Android 12 clients. However, a portion of those blunders exist and continue in Android 11 gadgets, as well, and not simply from Google.

As indicated by German distribution Heise, QR read mistakes likewise exist on Pixels with Android 11 and OnePlus gadgets with OxygenOS on Android 11 and 12.

QR codes have been around for a really long time, however they were underused in when they required a different application to be introduced to utilize them.

Presently, pretty much every telephone, including Google’s Pixel arrangement, has a QR scanner underlying, yet as per a new report, Google’s telephones have been misreading a few codes.

German distribution Heise revealed last week that Google Pixel telephones misread some QR codes through both the implicit Camera application just as Google Lens.

The issue seems to have occurred in one of three ways, for certain codes having “bogus spots” in the URL, eliminating a person from the finish of a URL, or moving a digit in the “www” part of a URL to its own segment.

In any of those cases, the connection would presumably not fill in as planned. This occurer no matter what the program the telephone was utilizing.

Yet, these gadgets just as Pixels with Android 12 through Google Camera, even after the new fix are likewise liable to misconstruing data about schedule arrangements. Filtered dates might be a month after the fact than the genuine date on the arrangement.

In instances of an arrangement date where the next month doesn’t have a 29th, 30th, or 31st day, the distinction becomes 31 days. Besides, perusers may likewise overlook the Z signifier on arrangement times in the crude information which show UTC +0, rezoning them to the client’s area.

Everything being equal, we couldn’t imitate these mistakes on a Pixel 3a with Android 12 and Google Camera v8.4.400.

Tragically, it appears issues with QR codes may not be completely finished at this time. One more piece of the issue that this report brought out was with respect to QR codes for Calendars, which Google Pixel gadgets would decipher inaccurately and regularly push back the date the extent that a month, just as overlooking time region information at times.

On the off chance that a specific passage didn’t have a matching date in the next month, it would move by 31 days (January 31 would become March 3). Up until this point, it seems Calendar issues have not yet been fixed.

OnePlus says it is investigating the issues while Google let us know that a fix for Android 12 Pixels has been given as the Google Camera update.

Fortunately, Google has as of now given a fix for these issues. The organization put out a server-side fix for Lens, which fixed issues with areas. A Google Camera update was likewise delivered to the Play Store throughout the end of the week to fix up a similar issue.

The issue influences Google Pixel telephones, yet in addition a few OnePlus gadgets on Android 11 and Android 12. With Pixel telephones, the issue was available across all models, yet just with Android 12 introduced.

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